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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00 police investigating a violent attempt at robbery on the national mall. plus state of the district's mayor gray lays out a plan for the city as he tries to distance himself from the scandals that have plagued his new administration. and a shocking story of child neglect, a virginia couple accused of using a sheet of drywall to trap their three small children inside. we're going to start with that attack on the national mall. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. fox 5 is on the scene of that attack. the victim said two men roughed him up this evening. will thomas is back with the still developing details. >> it is unusual to hear about this kind of crime on the mall.
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u.s. park police officers are all over the place and most of the buildings and museums have their own security. here's what we know. about 5:15 this evening park police say a man was walking in the garden located between the hershwin museum and the smithsonian capital emergency. two men pushed down the victim and tried to rob him by rifling his pockets but didn't get anything and took off down independence. police tell us this is the first time in years they have seen an attempted robbery of this kind and in the middle of the cherry blossom festival with the greater number of tourists in the city, the timing is especially bad. >> several years ago we did have some robberies in the mall. our detectives closed these cases successfully and they were prosecuted. we haven't had any serious crimes against persons in several years here. we have a pretty low crime rate through here. >> the victim was hurt when he was pushed down and was treated at a local hospital. there's no lookout information since the men were wearing
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masks. >> did police canvass the mall in the area where the man was attacked? >> they told us officers fanned out and aerial support was called in. you definitely had a police helicopter searching this area as well, but again since these guys had masks on and presumably took them off as soon as they left the victim, officers have very little to go on which again, shawn is, why we have no lookout information to pass along tonight. we're following developments in two deadly prince george's county shootings. the first one happened last night at seat pleasant, a domino's pizza deliveryman shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt. paul bennett was making a delivery to an apartment on seat pleasant drive when he was shot in the chest. that gunman is still at large. >> hours later another man was shot to death at a gas station on central avenue in capitol heights. police say prior to the shooting the victim brian cooper was at a nearby nightclub where several fights broke out. detectives want to know if cooper was involved in any of those incidents. they are asking anyone with
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information to give them a call. a horrifying case of child neglect in prince george's county county. a couple is charged -- prince george's county. a couple is charged with using a sheet of drywall to trap their three young children in the room. the 4-year-old made a daring escape. fox 5's stacey cohan live in bristow with the story. >> reporter: it's tough to emergency. the couple and their children lived in a very nice home, although neighbors did say police had been frequent visitors to that home and this is not 26-year-old christina moor's first run-in with police. this is 33-year-old john robey. he is apparently christina moore's boyfriend. the couple both lived in her father's bristow home along with three children ages 4, 2 and 2 months. on saturday prince william police say the couple used horrific means to lock the kids in an upstairs room.
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>> the parents had essentially nailed drywall about 5 feet high which prevents them from leaving the room. the 4-year-old was actually able to get over the drywall and out the door to a neighbor's house where the neighbor went inside their residence and got the other two kids and essentially got them out into safety. >> reporter: police say the two youngest kids were naked in a room with feces and urine. neighbors say there has been trouble at the house before. >> my daughter and her went to school together and she was quiet then, but i knew there was something wrong because she dropped out of school. >> there was always a lot of, you know, yelling and screaming, but never really children involved. it was more the parents. >> reporter: police are certainly familiar with moore. in june, 2005 she was charged with felony child abuse when her then 22-month-old twins were found wandering in a junkyard as she slept in a camper. she lost custody of those children. and we are told tonight that the three children involved in
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this latest charge of felony child abuse are with child protective services at this point. police say there were no obvious signs of physical abuse or malnutrition. reporting live i'm stacey cohan, brian, back to you. new tonight d.c. mayor vincent gray gave his first state of the district address but not before a full day of tough questions from d.c. council members trying to learn more about allegations of nepotism, big salaries and the mayor's role in a possible election scandal. we'll have more on that in a minute, but first matt ackland is live outside eastern high school where the mayor spoke to a fairly large crowd tonight. >> reporter: the mayor appeared strong and confident tonight when he took the stage this evening. if he was troubled by all of these allegations, boy, he sure didn't show it this evening. in fact, he received a lot of applause from the crowd, especially towards the he talked about respect and honor. a full house to see mayor gray's first state of the
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district. warming up the crowd congresswoman eleanor holmes norton didn't hold back when expressing her feelings about a congressional probe into alleged wrongdoing by the mayor. >> congress, butt out. it's our city. so that makes what happens in the district of columbia our business and our business alone. >> reporter: but mayor gray had nothing to say about the man behind those allegations, sulaimon brown. brown claims gray offered him a job and cash for verbally attacking former mayor adrienne fenty. instead the mayor focus -- adrian fenty. instead the mayor focused on the positive, uniting the city. >> in the very core i believe in ate district of columbia that is one city. >> reporter: the mayor said he believes there is much to be proud of, but there is also much to improve in the district focusing on education, stopping hiv transmission, developing communities east of the river and most importantly, creating jobs. >> one of my administration's
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top priorities is to find ways to put our people back to work. >> reporter: gray says in order to get residents to work, education first is key. >> it's no state secret that our schools are not yet where we'd like them to be. i promise you tonight that my administration bill exert every effort to raise the bar for public -- will exert every effort to raise bar for public education in district of columbia. >> reporter: the mayor tried to defend himself from any wrongdoing. >> in every instance i've discharged my responsibilities with honor and respect for the public trust and i -- [ applause ] >> and i have always required those working with me to behave the same way and let me assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that will not change. >> reporter: it won't come as a surprise that most of the people at this speech tonight
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were gray supporters. the mayor also said that he plans to now hold a series of meetings throughout the district. he wants to talk about the budget and also just talk with residents about how he can do a better job and make life better in the district, shawn. >> matt, i understand after the mayor held a press conference and there was some fireworks. >> reporter: yeah. not a whole lot of fireworks, but there were those same questions that he gets each day about all of these allegations about what happened at the wilson building today, but once again the mayor's tries to deflect. he talks about doing the business of the city and he says what happens at city hall happens at city hall, but he talked about just moving along with his job. he also had some supporters there. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton and even former mayor marion barry took the microphone to support vincent gray. a small group of protesters gathered outside eastern high tonight demanding mayor gray balance the city's budget without cutting major services.
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if not, they say some d.c. residents will be hurt by the mayor's proposed spending cuts. >> i'm here to call on the mayor not to cut the programs which help schoolchildren when they're out of school. >> the cuts that would be proposed would limit those services and take away the basic needs of these folks with significant mental health issues. >> demonstrators say instead of making budget cuts, they want to see taxes raised on the wealthy. the mayor's hiring and firing practices were front and center at a council hearing today. fired city employee sulaimon brown says mayor gray paid him to attack adrian fenty during the campaign and they gave him a job in the healthcare finance department, but when he got fired, he started talking to reporters and the fbi. the stein sector general recused himself from the investigation -- the city inspector general recused himself from the investigation because he said he was asked to talk to brown about the job.
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>> mr. brown's termination was brought on by his poor performance and conduct unbecoming a mayoral appointee including reports of harassment from female employees such as one instance in which he offered a roy man particular gift to an intern -- a romantic gift to an intern within the agency. >> ward 3 council member mary cheh is in charge of the government operations and says if she has to, she'll issue an subpoena to get the answers she wants. only three months into his term and already mayor sprig is taking hits as you know. political analyst mark plotkin joins us to talk a little about this. i guess the mayor was well received tonight all things considered and really set the tone with his daughter introducing him. >> oh, absolutely. first of all, a lot could have gone wrong. this mostly is a speech that's an event. you get your supporter there and people you've appointed to jobs and nobody is going to boo him who has been appointed in a job and so he had his whole
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cabinet there, but his daughter was a very impressive woman, a lawyer who actually worked in robert bennett, his lawyer mayor gray's present lawyer with his difficulties introduced him and said he's a man of honor and integrity and he's your mayor. so it would have kind of been bad form after that. that was kind of a master stroke in terms of atmospherics to have the daughter who is very poised and confident introduce her father. >> what do you make of the crowd's reaction? do you read into it that the city and this crowd in particular is ready to turn the page on all this? >> oh, no. by no means are they going to turn the page and the composition of the crowd are his people. what could have happened is something embarrassing and really almost humiliating. every member of the city council was there sitting in the front row except for david
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citanning. congresswoman norton could have been somewhere else, so the political establishment has not abandoned him and he performed well and acted like a mayor and was not the least bet defensive or apologetic and as -- bit defensive or apologetic and as you said in your previous report, he made one passing brief reference. his job was to look like a mayor, act like a mayor and behave like a mayor without any problems and that he pulled off. >> what about the substance of the speech tonight? did we get anything tangible? he is facing extraordinary budget issues? >> he was very candid. that i was very impressed. with he said we're going to have deep budget cuts. they're going to be about $325 million. he talked about unemployment in his own ward, 20% in ward 7 and 30% in ward 8 and then he really portrayed a tale of two cities where he said it's a miracle in terms of prosperity in some parts, but east of the
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river it's like a mirage. so that was i thought said with deep conviction and he met that issue very much head on. >> quickly as we leave you, a grade for the mayor tonight if you want to do that or how would you rate this speech? >> i would say a solid b. it could have been a very bad and demoralizing. >> wtop political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming in tonight. >> thanks, brian. going nine days without detailing the third military conflict we're now involved in, tonight president obama outlined what we've done, what we plan to do and why this matters. fox 5's laura evans is following tonight's developments from the newsroom. >> in his address from ft. mcnair tonight the president defended the mission in lybia and announced the u.s. will hand over power to a nato-based coalition on wednesday. meanwhile libyan rebels are gaining moment numb their
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fight. -- momentum in their fight. president barack obama said it plain and simple, the u.s. intervened to stop a massacre. >> mr. president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. we waited one more day, benghazi, the city nearly the size of charlotte to suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscious of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. >> reporter: while he says our work is not complete, the president did say the u.s. has done what we said we would do all within a month. >> tonight i can report that we have stopped gadhafi's deadly advance. >> today's 41 days. we've been 41 days and gadhafi has been 42 years. so hopefully tomorrow's 42 days and we're going to finish it tomorrow. >> reporter: on monday rebel fighters continued to advance on lybia's capital making
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significant gains. they've retain several strategic oil towns lost to gadhafi forces over the past three weeks and now are reportedly positioned just outside moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. a significant libyan military base is there and over the years gadhafi has made his hometown effectively the country's second capital. one of gadhafi's sons is now trying to defend the town. >> i think everybody is afraid of him. i think we won't let them come in and fight against them, let them come and control us. >> reporter: at this hospital wounded fighters still arrive despite the fact doctors say the facility is shot up and ransacked by gadhafi's troops. doctors here also say they are seeing gadhafi's torture on rebel fighters firsthand. >> they cutting the fingers. they're using the hammer to deflect the bone, broken the
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bone by hammering and using the gun to execute them. >> >> reporter: those doctors say torture has been part of gadhafi's rule for years and it's one of the reasons for this revolution. president obama tonight reiterated that u.s. ground forces will not be sent into lybia. >> so what's the reaction from his critics in congress now? >> he's had many outspoken critics. republicans are still sayg the president needs to do more, that he didn't do enough tonight in his speech. house speaker john boehner said there were few new answers saying that the speech failed to provide americans much clarity on our involvement in lybia. republican senator john cornyn who sit on the armed services committee said that president obama failed to explain why he unilaterally took our nation to war without bothering to make the case to the u.s. congress. the disaster in japan is going from bad to worse. new aerial images of the
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fukushima nuclear plant show the extent of the damage. workers discovered new pools of radioactive water looking from the complex today and radiation levels have now soared to the most alarming levels since this crisis began. the power company also detected plutonium in the soil outside the plant but says it does not pose a health risk. the situation in japan is also impacting us here in our region. trace amounts of radiation have now been detected in the air and rainwater in maryland and now we understand virginia is stepping up its testing. what's the latest? >> virginia normally does this testing but decided since other areas are finding it to go ahead and move their testing up just one week as an abundance of precaution. virginia is sampling for air and testing milk, testing vegetation as well. that's the same sort of thing maryland is doing and again maryland finding this trace amount of radioactive iodine 131 in rainwater it said in one sample in baltimore and that was after it had already said
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it detected amounts of this radioactive iodine in the air from sampling near two nuclear facilities. now it's believed that that's been carried through the atmosphere from japan and across the united states and it becomes more diluted as it travels. now dr. joshua sharpski, maryland's doctor of health and hygiene said it's not serious. >> in california a few days ago they reported that the amount was less than 1/10 of what you would get from flying to chicago to los angeles. what we found in maryland was a lot less than what they saw in california. >> reporter: nuclear scientists say the radiation we're detecting in our air and water now probably came from the first releases of radioactive material from the fukushima dai- ichi nuclear plant while workers raced to prevent a full meltdown. this weekend japanese officials announced huge spikes in radioactivity, levels several times the safe limit. dr. bill bristow, director of washington university's center
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for nuclear studies, expects that will mean more elevated readings here, too. >> we will expect to see larger levels of radiation over the next couple weeks, but probably will not see very large great levels of great spikes here. >> again officials in virginia say they have not detected anything yet, but remember, their sampling just started and it wouldn't be surprising if they did find something because the cdc reported it massachusetts, we've seen it in maryland and they're saying it's kind of spreading all across, again not at levels of concern. we do need to be careful. they don't want anybody running out and taking the iodine pills yet. the doctor did say in maryland that they would offer their state certified testing facilities to any neighboring states if they feel they needed it. >> it's still fascinated to think something that happened in japan is affecting us all
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the way over here. thank you. a chilly night on tap, temperatures expected to drop into the 20s in some spots. gary mcgrady down in the weather center with your first look at the forecast. i want to go on record saying i'm over it. i mean it's been cold since october. >> me, too. >> where are we living these days? >> it's hard to believe we're here. you'd think spring eventually when spring springs, we would get a little something. listen, not a great week. tomorrow's pretty good, but it's not going to feel like spring at all, not really even tomorrow even though i think tomorrow will be beautiful. i actually think it's going to be gorgeous. it still won't be up around where the normal temperature should be about, 60 degrees. we have clear skies tonight. temperatures are not falling off all that quickly, especially here in town, 44 degrees. it's approaching 32 up? gaithersburg, 38 for dull -- in gaithersburg, 38 in dulles, but the skies are clear. the winds eventually will be
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right at 5 miles per hour or below for just about everybody. so still fairly confident that overnight tonight these temperatures will continue to drop off. again with the clear skies and the light wind, the moisture levels in the atmosphere, the relative humidity, dew point very low. so all conditions here support very cold readings overnight tonight. just looks like we're going to take most of the night to get there. 23 frederick, eventually down to about 30 degrees in town. i'm with you, brian. there's got to be spring weather around the corner somewhere. i'm just not sure how far that corner -- way. >> it's just been the longest winter -- corner is away. >> it's just been the longest winter ever. see you in a bit. it is the largest discrimination lawsuit ever, but will it move forward? why wal-mart's fate is in the nation's hands of the high court. if you want to steer clear of a dui checkpoint, there's an app for that and it's catching the attention of maryland's attorney general. a bikini clad woman goes
10:22 pm
bliss nick a burger king restaurant, the -- ballistic in a burger king restaurant, the story behind this viral video when we come back.
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yeah, that's a woman in a bikini on the counter at a burger king inside a florida restaurant. she's facing serious charges. incident caught on tape has gone viral. witnesses say camissa smith was upset about already order, started a fight inside the panama beach restaurant. the tape shows her jumping on the counter, throwing items at employees. prosecutors initially charged her with battery which is a misdemeanor and now upped the charges to felony criminal
10:26 pm
mischief, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. does the country's largest retailer discriminate against women? tomorrow the country's high s court will decide if a class action lawsuit -- highest court will decide if a class action lawsuit will go forward. wal-mart denies the charges and says there's no evidence to prove women aren't paid as much as men. maryland wants smartphone providers to stop providing checkpoint apps. doug ganzler sent a letter to google and apple asking them to ban those apps. e believes it's harder -- he believes it's harder to get drunk drivers off the streets with those apps. tonight have given this depression a name, does your child suffer from facebook depression? but first at the top of the next block another grade changing scandal involving a d.c. public school. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. we'll be right back.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. another grade changing scandal in d.c. public schools, parents complained to the school district, complained to the city council, complained so much they even protested outside the city council, never made news until now. >> now it's a national story. i think because michelle rhee is part of the national dialogue on school reform, so people are looking very closely at what she says she accomplished here. the noi school in northeast is one of michelle rhee point pointed to as a star in her highly touted new reform efforts, but now there are new questions about whether the sweeping turnaround here was real. documents recently obtained by usa today under a freedom of information act show the testing company showed 9/11 had an abnormally high numb -- showed noyse had a high number
10:31 pm
of unanswered questions. marvin tucker said he and other parents had tried for years to get somebody to listen. despite his daughter's high test scores he had to get her a tutor. >> i'm sending her to a tutor and i'm asking her tutor do you think she's doing well and she's still having problems retaining the basic math. >> reporter: and he says he even saw things happen at noyse he thought were downright suspicious after a test had been given. >> i saw them go into a room, put a piece of paper over the door with a test material in their hand. there were several staff members. i can't say what they did with that test material, but i know it wasn't supposed to be out of the lock and safety of it. >> reporter: dcps issued a statement saying it had investigated a handful of schools back in 2009 because of the high number of erase you'res on test, but found -- erasures on tests. the statement said this year
10:32 pm
there are new precautions in place including an outside test security firm, stricter testing protocols, independent observers and unscheduled visits to testing sites, but these new questions come on the heels of disturbing accusations at another d.c. school, mckinley tech. principal david pinder is on paid administrative leave while dcps investigates allegations he tampered with grades. >> we should tell you mr. tucker's daughter graduated from noyse and he says is doing very well now in a public charter school. it was very frustrating for them. >> perhaps two cheating scandals on our hands. back upstairs. improving education in america, president obama says standardized testing should not be the only way of measuring student achievement. the president says he does not want teachers just teaching test taking tricks without actually making education interesting. mr. obama made those remarks today at a town hall hosted by
10:33 pm
univision. the changes the administration proposed regard the no child left behind law. facebook sent a friend request to the former white house press secretary, the new york times reporting that robert gibbs is being courted by the social networking sites. gibbs would reportedly have a senior role helping to manage facebook's communications. no formal offer has been made. the popular social networking site is being linked to depression in teenagers. the american academy of pediatrics released new guidelines for parents today warning facebook depression could affect troubled teens who obsess over the online sight. psychologist dr. rebecca resnick joins us now. we know if a teenager is barraged with happy updates from pictures from friends all the time it sort of amplifies feelings of inadequacy. is there a real danger or is this sort of a new condition being hyped up? >> i think at this point just because your child loves facebook, maybe they're spending a couple hours
10:34 pm
facebooking every night, don't think it's a reason to assume automatically, oh, no, my child is going to become depressed. the real thing to watch out for is if facebook goes from being a source of pleasure and enrichment and joy to be the kind of thing they're obsession over. they're being unhappy, what they turn it off you're having a power struggle or it's supplanting real life fun. if they're no longer doing sports, going to the mall, out to eat with friend, being in the sunshine anymore -- friends, income the sunshine anymore, that's the point you want -- being in the sunshine anymore, that's the point you want to become concerned. >> is this study sort of the same thing as the grass always looks greener on the other side? don't we already do this in general life whether we're teenagers or not? with movie stars, tv shows and magazines. >> certainly we do and i think teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the messages of advertising, the peer pressure from friends. you also see not only do they
10:35 pm
get pressure, for example, to be thin, to be popular and cool, a lot of times you'll see sort of undesirable behavior spreading through facebook, for example, things like cutting or burning themselves. once they get sort of an idea that all their friends are doing this, you'll sometimes see kids who normally wouldn't have tried this things are all of a sudden more apt to try them. there is a little danger there and it's definitely something parents want to monitor. >> you talked about some of the things we need to focus on as parents. what is the solution to protecting our kids? we know the american academy pediatrics suggests talking to our kids about their time online and building healthy social relationships. what else should we be doing? >> american academy of pediatrics has just published on their website a very fine guide that only takes a couple minutes to read written in easy to understand language, but it will really give you an idea of sort of what are the pros and cons of having your teen online and again the key to success
10:36 pm
with anything is moderation. teens tend to go overboard and think everything is a catastrophe and have to have things their own way, but it's very comforting to them when parent can step in and say, you know, two hours of facebook is really enough for one day. >> the bottom line here, logging onto facebook won't make you depressed. >> no. >> keep an eye and have an open dialogue with your kids. thanks so much, doctor, for joining us. an online game leads to a real life arrest, why a virtual vampire is facing charges in virginia tonight. and a maryland dog is now a youtube sensation, how his 15 minutes of fame is being used to help others, but first here's your business report with neil cavuto. >> rebels keep fighting in lybia and oil falls. the price of a barrel of oil is now below 104 bucks. taking control of some key oil sources in lybia by rebels. more americans are signing contracts to buy preowned homes
10:37 pm
last month. economists were looking for declines and a pick-up in pending home sales giving hope sales will pick up the rest of the year. people are making more and spending more but saving less. consumer spending and personal income rising last month, the savings rate slightly dipping. to wall street the dow finishing down 22 points and marriott might not be cashing in on this spending surge saying revenue for available rooms will come in lower than expected, slowdown in the north american market overshadowing what had been a pickup in overseas business. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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an online vampire game has
10:41 pm
turned into an interstate felony investigation. at the center, a 14-year-old virginia girl. visitors say 28 yoder gamer christopher rodriguez wanted to have a -- 28-year-old gamer christopher rodriguez wanted to have a relationship with a real girl. he showed up at the girl's house showing rocks at her bedroom window. he even brought sleeping pills to drug the girl's parents. he's now charged with solicitation of minor and distribution of a controlled substance. he has become quite a youtube sensation. we're talking about a golden retriever from millington maryland. meet denver the guilty dog. he ended up in the doghouse when his owner confronted him about eating some cat treats. denver's face sort of says it all right there. his owner decided to use his dog's 15 minutes of fame to raise money for charity. he's now selling t-shirt's with denver's picture on them. >> the response was so big and so overwhelming the love and support from all across the globe we thought you know what? this would be a good opportunity to look at the good
10:42 pm
out of this and do something good for humans and animals. >> denver's owner says the money raised from those t-shirt sales will go to the american cancer society and the national disaster search dog foundation. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a spike in crime in the district, out where burglaries have tripled and what police are warning about now. a safer alternative to embryonic stem cells, we'll tell you about the incredible new discovery with amniotic fluid. as
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another march madness cinderella story. this time virginia commonwealth university is heading to the final four after a stunning upset over no. 1 ranked in their division kansas. fox 5's sports director dave feldman is here now. >> vcu finished fourth in their conference. this year's smart basketball, people, didn't think they would be invited to the dance, but
10:46 pm
one smart person did, shaka smart, the head coach and now they've won five games, two more and they're national champs they've now beaten teams from power conferences like the pac-10, acc and big 12 to advance to the final four. after the game a wild celebration in richmond. so what's it like the day after? our beth parker visited the commonwealth's capital to find out. >> reporter: here at vcu the line stretches all the way through the bookstore out here, around the sidewalk and way down the street. this is not a line for basketball tickets. this is just a line for a t- shirt. >> i'm so pumped right now. i can't wait to go to the final four, baby, yeah! >> reporter: they waited hours for a vcu final four shirt. >> you don't know when this is
10:47 pm
going to happen again, so might as well get one now. >> reporter: players hinton and nick on are getting used to signing autographs. >> -- nixon are getting used to signing autographs. >> it feels good being appreciated. >> reporter: corin illsley is fourth in line for to get a shirt. >> my friends were like come on, go to my house. i've never been into sports, but it's been so crazy to see how well our team has done and to see how we crushed everyone has been a really cinderella story. >> reporter: it's a story vcu president dr. michael rao could get used to. how come you're not in line over there? >> seems like they have a few other things for me to do including talk with you. you know it, really does shine a light on a university that is very complex, has many components and it gives us a chance to tell our story.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: northern virginia is a big part of that story, the fastest growing student population at vcu. andrew grew up in herndon but today he's a vcu guy. >> i'm very overwhelmed. as you can see, i lost my voice. it's very is are veal to me. i woke up this morning and felt -- surreal to me. i woke up this morning and felt like it was a dream. >> reporter: a week ago sunday the university had 4 million hits on its website, just one week later, yesterday, another sunday, 11 million hits. that's all in just one day. so they're hoping the country and even the world will be learning how to string these three letters together. in richmond beth parker, fox 5 news. >> beth, thank you. as for the vcu gmu comparison, both in the same major conference. george mason beat vcu during the regular season. the rams took their revenge in the caa semifinals. george mason and jim larranaga were the first caa teams to
10:49 pm
reach the final four five years ago by knocking off powerhouses, michigan state, north carolina and uconn and now vcu's turn led by the 33- year-old shaka smart, the rams are the 11th seed and beat florida state and kansas on their way to the final four. many thought vcu shouldn't have been invited to the tournament and this afternoon i asked coach larranaga of vcu's improbable run has proved the naysayers run. >> i don't think there's any proof in either direction. i think what it does proof is that there's a lot of parody in college basketball and that there are a lot of good teams and given the right opportunity to play well, good teams can go on a hot streak and play very well and get to the final four, maybe win a national championship. >> jim larranaga is obviously rooting for vcu, his own conference and whoever wins vcu or butler in the one semifinal, he wants that winner to beat kentucky or uconn, a beat time
10:50 pm
division winner in the other final. >> you are on friendly terms with espn basketball analyst dave villas now taking a lot of heat for saying vcu didn't deserve to be in the tournament. >> all three were. >> what are they saying? >> they're saying by the criteria they didn't deserve to get in and they got in and made a heck of of a run just like george mason did and they're playing much better than in the regular season when they finished fourth and they're shooting three-pointers at a much more accurate rate and made 12 three-pointers in a couple tournament games and regular season never made nearly that many. so those guys are maintaining the party line, what they said on selection sunday, which was by the criteria they didn't deserve to get in, but now they're making the most of it. vcu fans would disagree and they're letting jay know that pretty vocally on twitter i might add. >> i contributed to that. i apologize to jay. >> i wish them all the best,
10:51 pm
thank you. >> lightning in a bottle, it's fun. >> you never know what's going to happen. that's why they call it march madness. >> kind of like weather. >> yeah. what happened to spring? >> did it ever spring? >> kind of one day. >> that's right. march madness, yeah, it's supposed to start being warmer out here. sorry about that. it doesn't look like this is the week that spring is going to make itself known because we're going to stay chilly. today was okay. we were into the upper 40s. we had at least good amounts of sunshine for the majority of the afternoon. tomorrow looks gorgeous. we'll start off with sunshine. we'll end with sunshine. temperatures won't nearly be normal, but still lower to mid- 50s for just about everybody tomorrow. so it's going to be a real fine day and then it just kind of goes downhill after that. 44 degrees now here in the city, 36 for gaithersburg. these temperatures tonight, they will drop off areawide. notice culpeper is already down to 32.
10:52 pm
fredericksburg is already down to 35 degrees now and gradually these temperatures back out to the west and northwest are coming down and it looks like with the clear skies and light winds it's going to be real good. so downhill after tomorrow. that's really the big headline. so enjoy it because we have a very much unsettled period coming our way that begins middle part of the week. the models tonight, the newest information coming in, it seems to be trying to make it a little bit better for us, but i'm not ready to jump on that bandwagon yet. we'll discuss that in a minute. well, the showers moved through this morning. you may have gotten a drop or two, some clouds until about lunchtime to early afternoon for just about everybody. the high pressure is really coming down from the north and the big question, will this high pressure nose down and protect us enough to keep a couple of these systems coming in from the west the next couple days to really influence
10:53 pm
our weather too terribly much? i think we'll kind of be right on that line. most of the heavy rain will go to the south and then we have just enough moisture coming in, maybe even a bit of a mixture, too but back down into the 20s tonight, especially out in the suburbs, right around 30 in town, mostly fair skies, winds north to northwest at only about 5 miles per hour. so with the clear skies and light winds cold overnight tonight and it's a real chilly start, too. we start off about 33 degrees, 47 by noon and notice 4:00 we are into the lower 50s. some places tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening maybe right up into the middle 50s by late in the afternoon. futurecast tomorrow at 5:00, only a few clouds back out to the west, so real good. cool conditions, mostly sunny. as we start getting into wednesday this is where it begins to get a little tricky. looks like most of wednesday now we're going to stay dry. the morning commute is looking
10:54 pm
good. this is 8 a.m., just clouds, but it looks like we'll have peeks of sunshine early on wednesday and then in comes the rain. for some of you it may be a bit of a messy mick. you can see the pink here -- mix. you can see the pink here. this is the potential mixing zone right along interstate 81. in the city i think we're doing pretty good, a little light snow in western maryland, higher elevations there and all the moisture comes back in right on through the day thursday as well. this is where our model guidance tonight suggests maybe not that much moisture comes up for wednesday into thursday. so stay tuned for that. we may be making some changes here in this forecast, hopefully for the better a little bit, but it does look like again after tomorrow things go downhill just a little bit. certainly it stays chilly, nothing on there if you ask me resembling a spring-like temperature, nothing there even
10:55 pm
close to normal. we should be 60. >> thank you. the d.c. bookstore has found a buyer. former washington post reporter bradley graham and his wife were introduced today as the future owners. the 27-year-old establishment put up for sale last year after one of its co-founders became seriously ill, sale price not immediately disclosed. still ahead tonight remembering the late elizabeth taylor, her unpublished love letters now going up for auction. we'll tell you what's revealed in them. i'm dave feldman in the newsroom, a major development at the napa high school where a local legend is stepping down. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local
10:56 pm
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from jail to yale actor charles stetton wound up doing time for manslaughter, turned his life around, got education and became a well known actor. from jail to yale begins tomorrow night. all the proceeds go to the academy and duke ellington school. everybody knows elizabeth taylor had a lot of loves in her life but now you can own her love letters. in one of them she tells her first fiancee she will never marry anyone else period. more than 60 letters could bring up to $75,000 at a new hampshire auction block in may. th


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